Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Opening This Weekend

The latest offering from the Farhan Akhtar/ Ritesh Sidhwani stable, Karthik Calling Karthik arrives this weekend. Ad-man Vijay Lalwani makes his directorial debut with this intriguing feature, supposedly based on the concept of "Depersonalization". I was reading up on this and here's what the Wikipedia entry on depersonalization states:

Depersonalization is a malfunction or anomaly of the mechanism by which an individual has self-awareness. It is a feeling of watching oneself act, while having no control over a situation. It can be considered desirable, such as in the use of recreational drugs, but it usually refers to the severe form found in anxiety and, in the most intense cases, panic attacks. Sufferers feel they have changed, and the world has become less real, vague, dreamlike, or lacking in significance. It can be a disturbing experience, since many feel that, indeed, they are living in a "dream".

Individuals who experience depersonalization feel divorced from their own personal physicality by sensing their body sensations, feelings, emotions and behaviors as not belonging to the same person or identity. Often a person who has experienced depersonalization claims that life "feels like a movie" or things seem unreal or hazy. Also, a recognition of self breaks down (hence the name). Depersonalization can result in very high anxiety levels, which further increase these perceptions.

The article goes on to state that this is the third most common psychological symptom after anxiety and depression! The last film (that I know of) to have used this concept was 2000's American Psycho, starring Christian Bale (if you haven't seen this great film, see it now!).In an interview for Hindustan Times, Farhan Akhtar says that during the making of the film... "I did stop meeting friends, answering the phone and even exercising. The character I was to play was lonely and feeling sorry for himself. I ended up feeling depressed too."

I don't know about you, but all this sounds extremely interesting to me. I'll try to catch the film on Friday and will hopefully have a review up soon!

(Edit: I just discovered that Wikipedia is the only place which states that Karthik is based on depersonalization. In fact, it says "This Film Base on Depersonalisation".

Under Box Office, it says:

This is Farmans One of the most awaiting Film in to the all of youth
After Rock on Farhan Need one other Hit
Deepika Look Gorges in this movie
This movie shall go in to the this year hit list

LOL. So not sure if the earlier information is correct, but it'd be cool if it is)

Also opening this week

It's Complicated: At the unlikely age of 60, the great Meryl Streep has turned into quite a box office draw. This Nancy Meyers directed romantic comedy also stars Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin and has grossed almost $200 million worldwide.

Invictus: Clint Eastwood's Nelson Mandela biopic failed in its Oscar bid for a spot in the expanded Best Picture line-up, but it did manage to score nominations for its two main stars: Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon. This will be a good choice if inspirational dramas are your thing.

Teen Patti: Amitabh Bachchan and Ben Kingsley star in what seems to be a remake of 21. Leena Yadav, who earlier directed the terrible Aishwarya Rai-Sanjay Dutt starrer Shabd says: "Teen Patti is a study of materialism, greed and acquisitiveness in our times", while denying any relation to 21.... right.

The Princess and the Frog: Disney's latest attempt to re-capture its old magic. The film was well received by critics and has been nominated in the Best Animated Feature category at the Oscars.


  1. Siddy - That is definitely an interesting concept..must admit I had never heard of depersonalization..also I am impressed by Farhan Akhtar's preparation.

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